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NJC has accomplished a comprehensive hardware and software upgrade for a prominent pharmaceutical supplier. This project involved several key components, including:

ABB 800xA Upgrade: We seamlessly upgraded the ABB 800xA system from version to the latest version,, ensuring the latest functionalities and optimizations are in place.

IT Hardware and Windows Upgrade: As part of this project, we carried out an upgrade of the IT hardware infrastructure, including transitioning from Windows 2012 to Windows 2019. This ensures a more robust and secure environment for the pharmaceutical supplier’s operations.

Pharma Library Enhancements: In addition to the hardware and software upgrades, we also upgraded to ABB’s latest Pharma Library (Process Control Device Libraries), further improving capabilities and efficiency for our client.

Virtualization Upgrade: We also performed an upgrade in virtualization, optimizing the infrastructure for increased flexibility and scalability.

NJC’s successful completion of this project underscores our commitment to delivering top-tier solutions to our pharmaceutical industry partners.
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