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Industrial IT

NJC recognizes the importance of Industrial IT and its role in integrating industrial automation with business information systems. Industrial IT refers to the use of information technology in industrial applications, specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of the industrial sector. It encompasses various components, including security-hardened hardware, redundancy across networking, servers, and storage, as well as software platforms.

NJC takes a top-down approach to information transfer, prioritizing the business needs of corporate industries as the primary focus. We understand the importance of scalable solutions, especially for growing industrial manufacturing companies, while considering budgetary constraints without compromising on quality and reliability.

One of NJC’s core skillsets and product offerings is Industrial Virtualization, which involves utilizing virtual private cloud solutions. This approach enables businesses to leverage the benefits of cloud technology while ensuring data security and reliability. NJC has a proven track record in implementing Industrial Virtualization, leading to increased uptime and consolidation of hardware infrastructure.

Additionally, NJC emphasizes the significance of disaster recovery systems with real-time replication and automated failover. By implementing innovative solutions, NJC helps businesses minimize downtime and ensure continuous operations even in the face of unforeseen events or system failures. Overall, NJC’s focus on Industrial IT, scalable solutions, industrial virtualization, and disaster recovery showcases their commitment to providing cutting-edge and reliable information technology solutions to industrial companies.

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