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Integrating Systems and Service

By aligning with market-leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Software Partners, NJC demonstrates a commitment to offering its clients the latest technologies available in the industry.  

This strategic partnership allows NJC to stay at the forefront of advancements and provide cutting-edge solutions to its customers.

Having an in-house Engineering team consisting of highly skilled automation specialist engineers with internationally recognized qualifications is a great asset. These engineers have been carefully selected based on their superior skills and their drive to create innovative and world-class solutions. Their expertise in automation and their qualifications ensure that NJC can deliver high-quality services to its clients. Overall, NJC’s focus on partnering with market-leading OEMs and Software Partners, as well as maintaining a skilled in-house Engineering team, showcases its commitment to offering state-of-the-art solutions and becoming the service provider of choice in the industry.

Our Products


  • 800xA DCS Operations
  • 800xA Batch / IM
  • CPM Plus ECS
  • Freelance DCS
  • AC500 PLC
  • Compact HMI
  • MOM’s / MES

 Rockwell Automation

  • Control Logix
  • Compact Logix
  • MicroLogix
  • PLC5 / SLC 500
  • FT Batch
  • FT View SE
  • FT Historian

Information systems

  • Parsec Automation – Traksys MES platform
  • OPC router
  • OPC systems historian
  • Matrikon tunneller
  • Kepware Industrial Connectivity Solutions
  • EWON remote access platforms
  • Teamviewer

Our Clients

The quality solutions that we have developed has attracted top-notch clients, whom we see not just as customers but as business partners…


Metals and Mining

Food and Beverage



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