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PM3 DCS Upgrade to SV6.0

ABB Germany

ABB AbilityTM BeerMaker package solution development and consulting

Adcock Ingram Clayville

ABB MoM Greenfields project – EBR and Web reporting tools

National Bioproducts Institute

Full Rockwell platform expansion and upgrade. Buffer vessels expansion project

Johnson & Johnson

Liquids Plant Automation on ABB 800xA Batch.

Sappi Group

Ngodwana ABB DCS Virtualisation & Upgrade to SV6.0. Stanger ABB DCS Virtualisation & Upgrade to SV6.1


ABB DCS Upgrade to SV6.0

AMSA Vanderbijlpark

ABB HP Boiler Safety system Greenfields project


Traksys MES upgrade


HV Liquids & ENOS Process Automation Project on ABB 800xA Batch


Phoenix Aerosols - Rockwell PlantPAX Batch / Hybrid DCS upgrade

Vale Mozambique

DCS Virtualisation and Upgrade to SV6.1

NCS South Africa

K4 batching system on ABB 800xA with Freelance

Voermol Tongaat Huletts

Traksys MES. Full System upgrade to SV6.1


Traksys MES upgrade.