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Upgrade of TrakSyS Software


This programme was aimed at upgrading the business systems which are used both in the normal business operations and the manufacturing operations. One of the systems in this programme is TrakSYS, which is being used to facilitate shop floor machine operations.


Upgraded TrakSYS 8R2 application to the latest release version 11.
Upgraded the current system user interfaces onto the new TrakSYS 11 environment.
Upgraded the current TrakSYS WebTRAK to the new TrakSYS 11 environment.
Replaced the 24 industrial operator panels with new operator panels, including Windows
10 Pro 64 Bit operating systems.
Upgraded the interface from TrakSYS11 to the existing systems
Transferred knowledge of the new environment to the technical personnel during the project, to enable them to be able to fully support the system after going live.